Massage Offerings

 There is massage to quiet your stimulated mind, to assist muscles recover after an athletic event, support your pregnancy, or to release pain and tension from injured or overused muscle groups, and massage to simply decrease stress, You can choose a specific type of massage, or allow me to integrate different techniques to create a unique blend of massage for what will assist your body that day. Either way you will receive a tailored session to facilitate healing and relaxation. You will leave you session feeling lighter, breathing more deeply and perhaps being more aware of how your body is moving. Just feeling content in your body can greatly restore your peace of mind.

Trigger Point & Myofascial Release. We often find areas of our body that seem to have broad aches. When we overuse certain muscles and create repetitive stress patterns tiny places in muscle fibers contract and instead or returning to a relaxed state, they remain shortened in that contraction. Over time this can result in pain and discomfort, not to mention decreased range of motion to that affected joint. Trigger Point Therapy uses a mapping system of each muscle in the body where we compress gentle pressure on these points to relieve chronic pain and tension. It actually acts to restore more even blood flow to areas of muscle that are not receiving a healthy serving of oxygen. It’s incredibly effective, has a very penetrating sensation without being invasive to the body. It’s a wonderful venue for athletes looking to improve their performance or anyone who enjoys the effects of deep tissue but would like another avenue of relief.​​

Pre and Postnatal Massage. Massage during pregnancy can enhance a calm and restful term and delivery. Pregnancy is such a unique time, full of change for a woman and deserves nurturing. Swedish Massage techniques are modified to address your individual needs throughout your pregnancy and after your birth. During the first trimester a massage can usually be performed as usual with little change in position, while sessions from months 4/5-9 are performed side-lying with extra support. Pillows are used to enhance your comfort and restoration. Massage is a wonderful relief for neck, hip, and lower back pain. After your birth as your body transitions, bodywork facilitates a greater ease for the body to continue gently moving and balancing. Discounts are available for pregnant women desiring massage with regular frequency in preparation for delivery. I offer the Prana Llama Mamma’s Package in increments of 3, 6 or 9 sessions.

Craniosacral Therapy. Craniosacral Therapy improves the function of our central nervous system through a very gentle approach. It is remarkably relaxing and encourages your body in it’s own natural healing and resistance to disease. It has been found to be an immense relief for people who suffer from migraines, tension headaches, insomnia, TMJ disorder, chronic neck and back pain as well as comfort from anxiety and depression, or simple exhaustion.​

Thai Massage. Many people like to describe this as having a yoga session done for you, During a Thai Massage you remain fully clothed, so plan on wearing loose fitting clothes that you may do yoga or exercise in. No oil is used in Thai Massage, and it is performed on the floor on a Thai Mat, which is similar to a thin futon. Thai massage increases range of motion and flexibility. By having your muscles stretched for you while remaining passive you're able to access different specific stretches, creating new spaces to breathe into. It relieves tension in joints that have stagnant blood flow and promotes energy, chi or pranic flow. It is a combination of rhythmic movements, yoga asanas and acupressure.

Sports Massage. Sports Massage uses elements of several modalities to assist athletes increase physical performance and speed recovery during their training for- or after an event. With my background in yoga stretching will be included for those of you that may not take the time to lengthen yourselves regularly. Techniques used aid in reducing injury, avoiding chronic issues, and offering relief to tired and sore muscles.​

Swedish Relaxation Massage. Swedish massage increases the circulation of blood and lymph flushing toxins from your body using long gliding strokes, kneading with some friction. This gentle modality improves range of motion in your joints and allows the body some rest. Enjoy a deeply relaxing session that will melt away tension.​​​

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage. Deep Tissue is an excellent route for the person that would like to work on specific areas and still feel more at ease after their session. Deep Tissue works to access deeper muscle tissue through the use of structures superficial to them. It entails moving joints through their range, and deeper pressure in general that warms tissue to increase pliability. Techniques used incorporate deep forearm pressure, stretching, percussive movements, while and target increase in range of breath and ease of breathing

Yoga Nidra 
Experience the art of deep conscious relaxation with an introductory private Yoga Nidra session.
 Take a beautiful personal journey inside your body as you explore the subtle flow of Prana ~ life force energy & learn
 to release blockages to that flow for greater mobility and ease in your body. This guided relaxation uses awareness of breath 
combined with body-scanning that allows tension to melt away, giving the body an opportunity for profound rest.
The technique is done with my client in Savansana for up to a full hour, so please plan to arrive in loose comfortable clothing. 
Plenty of time is allowed for you with a 75-minute session to gently arise again with out any hurry. Please allow yourself some quiet, or unscheduled time after this session as the healing continues with you day and you may feel very rested and energized, or rather smooth and slow to move; each experience in unique as we are individual. I invite you to enjoy this extraordinary deep relaxation experience.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is permission to relax in a supported environment, by way of physically supported yoga poses that we have time to melt into. It allows us time to recover from acute and chronic stress that resides as tension in our bodies. This stress is disturbing our ability to sleep well, and feel clear during our day. It's been scientifically proven that stress speeds the aging process, and if we simply allow ourselves some structured time to rejuvenate, we may be able to approach our days with a stronger sense of well-being.
During a private restorative yoga class I teach you a few postures that are tailored to your body's current needs, and allow time for you to sink-in and open. Allow yourself to take an hour- a mere moment in your week, and let your nervous system rest and your body to feel caught up. This style compliments an active Yoga Asana practice, but is available to everyone, no yoga experience is necessary. I invite you to give it a try and explore how profound a little rest can effect your being.

Private Restorative, Prenatal, Hatha Yoga sessions & Yoga Nidra can be scheduled for individuals at my studio, or booked for groups at your location. This is a fantastic addition to office settings & retreat gatherings.
 Simply send an email inquiry to:
Please include you name, phone and desired time for a single session or interest in an ongoing package. 
More information can be found about private Hatha yoga session under the yoga tab.

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