Jimena Gálvez ... 3016 NE Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97211 ... 503-803-5136
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Prana Llama Mama's Pre-Natal Massage Packages:  
Purchase a Prenatal package of 3, or 5 massage sessions for yourself or as a gift!
here's the breakdown:
$10 off each massage when you purchase 3 sessions : save $30
$15 off each massage when you purchase 5 sessions : save $75

​3 ~60 min $ 195
 5 ~60 min $ 300

3 ~90 min $270
5 ~90 min $465
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Jimena Galvez
 3016 NE Killingsworth Street
Portland OR  97211

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Recipient Listed Below
No need to mail it. I'll pick it up at the office.
Yoga: 5 Hatha Classes at Kenton, $45
Yoga: 10 Hatha Yoga Classes at Kenton, $80
30-min, Massage $45
60-min, Massage $75
90-min, Massage $100
30-min Trio for Regular Refreshment $120
60-min 6-Pack for Regular Relaxation & Unwinding $360
60-min Prenatal Massage 3 Pack, $195
60-min Prenatal Massage 5 Pack, $300
90-min Prenatal Massage 3 Pack, $270
90-min Prenatal Massage 5 Pack, $425
Private Yoga Session, $45